Happy Samhain/Halloween!

Happy Halloween/Samhain everyone! I have a couple of new makes to share with you today. I love making black jewellery and if I can combine it with rich red and or silver then I’m really in my element. In fact I’ve just realised that I’ve been using only black beads for the past few months! My new project is in metallic gold so I can finally give my eyes a rest!

This is a cuff that I made for the October challenge on the Operation Tackle That Bead Stash blog. We have had so many fantastic entries, don’t forget to check the blog out when I’ve posted the big reveal tomorrow. This design is by Rachel Butler of RB Beads and it was so much fun to make! I used shiny cubes and matte seed beads to give a bit of contrast within the all black scheme. You can find the pattern here.blackcuff

And I finished this necklace only last night. I would say just in time for Halloween but the truth is, I’ll be wearing this any time the mood takes me :) Not only is it in my favourite colour scheme, it’s also my CRAW debut! For those who think I’ve gone batty, CRAW is an acronym for Cubic Right Angle Weave which is a beadweaving stitch that I’ve always thought of as a rather complex one. It turns out that once you actually have a go it’s bloomin’ easy!




The bat’s body is CRAW and the necklace is twisted herringbone. The pattern called for montees to make a lace design inside the wings but I couldn’t find them in the UK in the size and colour I needed so I did my own thing with 4mm Swarovski bicones instead.  I really like how it turned out! The pattern is by Trinkets Beadwork on Etsy, click here for the pattern. And if you’ve been itching to try CRAW but don’t know where to start then there’s a fantastic video here by Heather Collin.




Tutorial giveaway

As I’m having an extended break from my shop I thought that you, my lovely readers, would be interested in a giveaway that we’re running on Operation Tackle That Bead Stash. I’m offering a collection of four beaded bead tutorials to one lucky winner and right now this is the only way to get your hands on them. Here’s the link to the giveaway. It runs until Sunday the 26th of October. Good luck!


Jet Black Beading Challenge

Are you up for a beading challenge? If the answer is yes then head on over to Operation Tackle That Bead Stash where the October challenge is in full swing! With Hallowe’en coming up I thought Jet Black would be a good ‘colour scheme’ for this challenge and to my surprise it has been a big hit with quite a lot of entries already in. And if it isn’t enough to challenge yourself with an all-black-and-nothing-but-black project there’s also a £15 voucher to spend at RB Beads for one lucky winner! Hope to see you there :)

Free Blood Spatter Peyote Pattern

Here’s another freebie for you, just in time for Hallowe’en! My Blood Spatter bracelet/cuff pattern is worked in 2 drop peyote stitch and uses just two colours; I think the red on white is particularly gruesome ;)

Click here to download the PDF.



And just a quick reminder that if you’re a cross stitcher you may be interested in another freebie, a Jack o’ Lantern pattern that I posted waaaaay back in 2009! Here’s the original post where you can find the link to the free pattern.



Please respect my copyright!

Although I’m offering these patterns for free, I still retain the copyright. Please don’t sell these patterns, make them into kits or publish them in any shape or form. Please ask my permission if you’d like to teach these patterns. Please don’t post the actual patterns to sites such as Pinterest or Facebook but the images above with links are fine. I’m happy for you to sell finished items made with these patterns, please give this blog a mention if you do. All text and images belong to The Crimson Moon.

Eye Caramba!

At last my crazy bib-style eye necklace is finished! I did so much faffing around while making this, trying different stitches for the straps and clasp, that it’s a miracle it got made at all! In the end I went for spiral rope and a simple beaded ball and loop connection. I’ve used glass eye cabochons from 12mm to 25mm and also included some LunaSoft cabochons which were a gift from my lovely friend Sarah Tucker :) Despite the difficulties I had, I did enjoy making this and I’m really pleased with the finished piece. But would I make something like this again? Not on your Nelly!




Free Vortex Peyote Pattern

Vortex is another peyote pattern that has previously been in my Etsy shop and is now being offered as a freebie!  A swirly cuff pattern in two colours that’s so easy to make. I’ve used black and white here to get a 1960’s monochrome look but it would look equally fab in any colour scheme. The PDF contains the list of beads you need, a large numbered and coloured graph plus a word chart and you can download it HERE.


Please respect my copyright!

Although I’m offering this pattern for free, I still retain the copyright. Please don’t sell this pattern, make it into kits or publish it in any shape or form. Please ask my permission if you’d like to teach this pattern. Please don’t post the pattern itself to sites such as Pinterest or Facebook (although the image above with a link is fine). I’m happy for you to sell finished items made with this pattern, please give this blog a mention if you do. All text and images belong to The Crimson Moon.


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