Free Chunky Beaded Bead Tutorial

Today I’m sharing with you an extract from my Stargazer tutorial, showing how to make the beaded bead clasp which I hope you will find useful for other projects! These chunky beaded beads work brilliantly as a clasp for your beadwoven bracelets and necklaces or you can use them as they are for stringing with other beads. They’re quick and easy to make and are self supporting so there’s no need for a wooden core.

What you need

All you need are size 8 seed beads, a beading needle and beading thread. I’m using two colours of seed beads here, A and B, to make the tutorial a little clearer but you can use one colour throughout if you feel confident enough or have made beaded beads before.

How to make

Thread your needle with about half a metre of thread and pick up 4 A beads. Slide them down to about 8″ from the end of the thread and sew through them all again, plus one more, to create a circle. Pick up 1 B bead and sew through the next bead in the circle.


Repeat a further 3 times before stepping up through the first bead you added. Below I am adding the last bead and stepping up at the same time.


Pick up 2 A beads and sew through the next bead in the circle. Repeat a further 3 times, stepping up through the first 2 beads that you added.


Pick up 1 B bead and sew through the next 2 beads in the circle. Repeat a further 3 times before stepping up through the first bead you added. Pull the thread taut as you work, this will turn the beadwork into a cup shape.


Pick up 1 A bead and sew through the next bead in the circle.  Repeat a further 3 times then step up through the first bead you added. Keep the thread taut as you work.


Sew through all 4 A beads to join them into a circle. Pull the thread taut to draw the beads together and weave the remaining thread into the work, tying one or two half-hitch knots as you go, before trimming. Weave the tail end of the thread in the same way and trim.


Your beaded bead is now ready to be used as a clasp for any bracelet or necklace! You can do this very easily by using the remaining thread at the end of your work.

Pick up a few seed beads (I’m using hex beads here), your beaded bead and a seed bead. Skipping the last seed bead, sew back through the beaded bead and the two seed beads and then into your bracelet/necklace. Reinforce this by repeating the same thread path one or two more times before securing and trimming your thread.


At the other end of your work use the tail end of the thread and pick up enough seed beads to go around the beaded bead (it will take trial and error to find the correct amount of beads!). Sew back into your bracelet/necklace to create a loop. Repeat the thread path several times to reinforce it and then secure your thread and trim as before.


If you’re interested in purchasing the whole tutorial, which shows how to make the Stargazer bracelet itself you can find it here in my Etsy shop.

Please respect my copyright:
This tutorial must not be reproduced, distributed, published, taught, re-blogged or copied to sites such as Pinterest or Facebook without my permission. I’m happy for you to sell finished items made with the beads, please give this blog a mention if you do. All text and images belong to The Crimson Moon.

Sale on Selected Cabochons!

Just a very quick post to let you know that there’s a selection of cabochons at half price in my Etsy shop right now!

You can find them in this section…

Crafty Brits – Yellow

Remember the days when Etsy had a limited number of Treasuries available at any one time and you had to wait to try and catch one of the much coveted spots? I could never catch one so I started making my own mini treasuries right here on the blog. But when they opened up the treasury making to everyone, blogging my finds fell by the wayside. I love to share the gorgeous work I find while browsing Etsy so I’m excited about starting it again! This time it’ll be a smaller amount of finds and from talented artists in the UK only. To begin with, I thought I would cheer up some of us weather-beaten Brits with items found searching the word ‘Yellow’.

Click on the images to visit the listings on Etsy.

Click here to visit the listing at Lukelys

Click here to visit the listing at Laura Potter Ceramics

Click here to visit the listing at Fizz Studio

Click here to visit the listing at Max's World

Click here to visit the listing at Wychwood Dreams

Pirourette Beaded Bead

I’ve gone beaded bead crazy again! As long-time regular readers of my blog will know, I do love a beaded bead. There are so many things you can do with them. You can make them tiny, huge or in between. You can make them round, flat, cubed – just about any shape you want. You can make them with a core or self-supporting. And there are a lot of different techniques you can use to achieve the effect you want.

I’ve used peyote a lot in the past but this time I wanted to try using another beadweaving technique so for my Pirouette bead I’ve gone for netting. This meant that I could add some sparkle to the bead in the form of Swarovski crystalsand the gaps within the netting enabled me to colour the wooden beads to compliment or contrast with my seeds and crystals! If you’d like to have a go at making a Pirouette bead yourself, you can find the tutorial here in my Etsy shop.





Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice!

Review – The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

What’s this? A blog post about something other than beads, beading, eyes and Etsy? Well I thought it was time I posted about other things. Yes, it’s a shock to the system I know, but there is more to life than beads! A few of you reading this will know that when I’m not beading or making glass eye cabs, among other things I’m teaching myself how to read tarot cards. It’s been a long process! I got my first deck more than ten years ago but to be honest, although I understood most of the card meanings I found it difficult to put a reading together. But I still played around with the cards, buying several more decks that appealed to me, it just felt like the answers were that little bit beyond my grasp. Then earlier this year I got a couple of great books (which I’ll be reviewing at a later date) and have been studying intensively ever since. I’m pleased to say that the pentacle has finally dropped!

Psychic Tarot by John Holland

It might seem strange to start my Tarot reviews with a deck that’s not strictly a Tarot deck in the traditional sense. But in fact that’s one of the things that drew me to it. I would say that The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland is an oracle deck with tarot origins. A traditional tarot deck contains 78 cards consisting of 22 major arcana, 40 minor arcana and 16 court cards. This deck has 65 cards: the minor arcana only runs from Ace to 9 (instead of the usual Ace to 10), has an addition of 7 chakra cards and there are no court cards at all! The last part is actually what influenced my decision to purchase this deck. Like a lot of people I always had problems when a court card came up in a reading and seeing this deck I thought, how cool to just be able to get rid of them! Have to say though, I’ve since got a better grasp of the court cards.

The Minor Arcana is divided into the usual four sections but instead of Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles you have Mental, Emotions, Spirit and Physical, all with their different border colours. The major arcana have a black border. All of the cards are numbered at the top and have a word or phrase at the bottom.

The colours in these cards are absolutely beautiful, bright jewel tones but not at all gaudy. The imagery is very different to the traditional tarot, although some cards do contain recognizable symbols, but I believe that the purpose of this is to encourage you to use your intuition or any innate psychic abilities rather than rigidly sticking to the written meanings.

The cards themselves are 3½” x 5″ and are printed on a really glossy and fairly good weight card. They have a beautiful design on the reverse which is made up of layers of concentric circles. The lovely thing about them is that they have gold edges which gives them a real sense of luxury. As this is my first gold-edged deck I have no idea how long it will last, at the moment it’s giving my readings and hands a slightly glittery effect so I’m guessing that it will wear off eventually with use. And here’s a tip: if you want to separate a brand new gilt-edged deck, take the sections that come apart on their own and slightly bend the cards widthways and lengthways. Try to ignore the alarming cracking sounds. It took me a while to figure this out after nearly ruining two cards by trying to prise them apart at the corners!

They’re packed in a very sturdy box with the beautiful World card on the front which is just a little bit bigger than the cards themselves.

My only gripe is the accompanying book which I feel lets this deck down somewhat. It’s very small, the same dimensions as the cards to fit in the box and the descriptions are brief; just a one and a half to two pages, most of which is taken up by a black & white photo of the card. As it’s called The Psychic Tarot I was hoping that it would delve a lot more into the psychic area but just found a short chapter on the subject. But again, maybe this is the deck’s purpose; like I said above, to allow you to use your own abilities instead of rigidly following  a book. Lastly I was disappointed to find a very small amount of information on how to incorporate the Chakra cards into your readings. But it may be that I’ve just been spoiled with my other decks as their books have been very good and some almost worth buying on their own (yes, DruidCraft, I’m talking about you!).

But apart from that, I absolutely love these cards. Almost every reading I’ve done with them has been incredibly accurate and I will continue to enjoy using them. Here are a few of my favourites from the deck…

The card that most non-tarot readers fear most is the Death card but it’s actually one of my favourites, the keyword for which is Transformation. Rather than the traditional skeleton or image of the Grim Reaper, it shows a woman removing her dark, grey mask and transforming into a beautiful butterfly…

The Psychic Tarot - Transformation

From the minor arcana I’ve chosen Victory and Success (equivalent to the 6 of wands). Not a wand in sight but what a great visual for triumph and ‘blowing your own trumpet’!

The Psychic Tarot - Victory and Success

Lastly, I’ve chosen Accelerated Motion (equivalent to the 8 of wands). Being interested in astronomy I can’t help but love this card’s image. The 8 of wands usually has a ‘speedy’ visual so what better image than a shooting star!

The Psychic Tarot - Accelerated Motion


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