Free Corvus Crow Peyote Pattern

Time for another free pattern! A silhouette in one colour and minimal shaping makes my Corvus design a breeze. You can create this beautiful bird in either peyote stitch, as I have done here, or alternatively it can be made in brick stitch. Use cylinder beads for a neat finish. Click here for the pattern.




Taikatalvi and Another Bead Mix

Remember the snowy bead mix I showed you in this post? Well here’s what I did with it! It was made for the January Challenge over on Operation Tackle That Bead Stash and even though I set these challenges myself and know what the colours & themes are well in advance, I still left it until the last few days to make something! The theme was “Inspired by a Song” and while listening to the album “Imaginarium” by one of my favourite bands, Nightwish, I was inspired by the beautiful song Taikatalvi. It’s sung in Finnish but translates as “Enchanted Winter“.


I decided to do some freeform, random, raised bead embroidery – whatever you want to call it – like I did with my Gaia Goddess art doll. I really wasn’t quite sure what shape I wanted to create to begin with, I toyed with the idea of a circle or a leaf shape but I found the Swarovski crystal drop bead in my stash and thought a pointed ellipse shape would work well with it. The bead mix contains lots of white, crystal, silver lined and a few metallic silver. I had to be very careful that I didn’t use too much silver lined and metallic as I find this can make the white palette a little dirty looking. I also included lots of Swaro clear crystals, fire polished crystals, drop beads, flowers and a potato pearl that was just the right shade! It’s hard to photograph white beadwork but I hope you can see some of the details…


It must be the very cold weather and the bit of snow we’ve had recently but I seem to have been in a wintry mood beadwise. I made this ring a little while ago using Carol Passaro’s wonderful Cluster Ring tutorial. It really does sparkle like diamonds! I used Swarovski 4mm bicones in Crystal AB and clear AB seed beads which match the bicones really well…


The project I was making using this blue bead mix is now finished. I love the finished piece but as it’s a gift I’ll show it at a later date. For anyone reading this who enjoys beading and would like to take on a challenge then pop on over to the OTTBS blog where we have a new challenge for February. It’s a colour scheme this time – Blue, Red & Gold – and I had great fun putting this bead mix together. Some of it was left over from the blue mix (after picking out the silver beads!) and I’ve added lashings of red and gold in all kinds of bead sizes and shapes.


I found a shell hoop in my stash that matched in colour and I thought that might give me a starting point or some inspiration on what to do next. Maybe I’ll use it as the clasp for a chunky bracelet, or perhaps it will be the focal of a necklace or pendant. Or I might not use it at all. I have no idea what I will be making as of yet! The twist is Freeform Beadweaving so I definitely want to include some of that.

Of course that’s if I don’t get too distracted by the needle felting kit that arrived this morning! I only really needed the foam pad as I want to have a go at ‘needlefelt painting’ but I fell in love with the natural wool tops so ordered the kit from Heidifeathers.


Enchanted Winter Bead Mix

The Goddess art doll that I’m making with this blue mix is almost finished but I won’t be showing it yet as it’s a gift for a friend so here’s a sneak preview of the bead mix I’ve made for another project…

Snow Beads :)

Free Flower Child Bracelet Tutorial

Another free tutorial for you today. Playing around with the beads one day I had one of those what-if-I-do-this moments which eventually turned into these delightful crystal flowers. I could imagine so many uses for these flowers:  rigs, earrings, necklaces, tiaras, brooches and hair pins, or add them to fabric, knitted, crocheted or felted projects. In the end I made mine into a bracelet. This is a great little bracelet base too, quick and easy and with plenty of other uses. Click here for the free tutorial. I would love to see what you do with your flowers so please feel free to email me with your photos!



Copyright info: This is a free tutorial and must not be sold, made into kits or published in any shape or form. You may sell any finished beadwork that you create using this tutorial. You may teach this design to others but do not remove my details and copyright information. Please give me credit as the designer.

Blue Bead Mix

A quick sneak preview of my next project, which is going to be another Goddess art doll. I made up this blue mix yesterday : )


Gaia Bead Embroidered Goddess Art Doll

Meet Gaia, my beaded Goddess doll! The beautiful bead mix I’ve used here was a gift from my friend Sarah Tucker, who put the beads together herself. Doesn’t she have a great eye for colour? I knew I wanted to make something special with it and so I decided to make a Goddess doll using one of my face cabs. I also found some leaves and a few pearls and other beads that fitted great with the rest of the beads.


I sat with the beads for some time, wondering how I was going to go about this. As usual I had no plan to begin with, just the outline of the shape I wanted and the face glued into place. Normally I stick to size 11 seed beads when I do bead embroidery and add the beads in concentric circles around the focal beads or cabs. I was really excited about using this mix but as it contained many different sizes I was a bit stumped. I ended up tipping the whole mix onto the beading foundation and scooped away the beads outside the shape to see what it would look like filled in and that’s when inspiration hit! Wouldn’t it be great if I could stitch the beads down where they’ve landed and have this random effect?


So that was my plan, to make it look almost like I had applied a layer of glue and sprinkled the beads on. I scoured the internet and books for info on how to achieve this effect but came up blank. Gulp…I would have to make it up myself! I started by securing one of the big blue faceted beads and then did the usual bead embroidery around it. But with a twist. Instead of picking up beads of the same size, like I would normally do, I piled up the mix on my bead mat and picked beads in what I like to call ‘lucky dip’ style – quickly scooping the needle through the pile several times. That way you truly get a random selection and it can be quicker than picking them up individually. Whichever beads end up on the needle, they are the beads that are used. Then instead of laying the beads flat, I stitched them down so that they stood proud from the surface. This gives a lot of texture. I did this for each blue bead and in between these areas I filled in with random patterns. As you can see, there’s not much patterning going on, which is exactly what I wanted.


Sarah had also included a beautiful Sand Opal square Rivoli (or Squivoli as they’re sometimes called!) which I bezelled with gold seed beads and added as a dangle at the bottom along with some of the Swarovski crystals and one of the blue faceted beads.


Here’s a view of the back. I really enjoyed making this and I’m itching to make another one :)



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