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Beading at the speed of light, my Litha Goddess doll was finished in time for Litha! She’s now sitting happily on my bookshelf. Now I’m trying not to criticise my work, I have a habit of doing this and I feel it’s something that needs to stop.  I love the finished doll, I think the colours look great, I’m happy with the stitching and she sparkles like the sun on a lake. However, I wish that I could have used more larger beads as I did with Gaia. Yes, I could have bought some, but I was trying to use stash only and didn’t have anything suitable. I did use some large crystals but they don’t stand out from the crowd. I feel that some smaller focal beads would have given the eye something to travel along. But that is my only grumble, apart from that I’m really happy with how she turned out!

So here is Litha, resting on some Heather in the garden. Also a few close up shots and a view of the back…





I also made a little something for a challenge in my beading group. It’s been ages since I made any jewellery using fabric and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was hard trying to capture the colours, the fabric is actually a deeper red rather than pink. The photo below shows the front and the back. I was going to make a pendant but I though it would make a nice hanging ornament so I added a small length of gold chain.


Daydreamer Bracelace

Bracelace? Yeah, you read it right and no I didn’t have an spelling accident! It’s a word I just made up to describe the piece of beadwork I’ve just made :P The design is by Jill Wiseman, called Daydreamer Rope – video tutorial here – and it’s a really lovely easy to do pattern. I used Superduo beads in  Magic Lilac along with matte black size 11 seed beads for contrast. The effect on the beads is a bit more ‘intense rainbow’ than the photo shows and they also change colour as you move the beadwork around.



The plan was to make a bracelet but my idea for an invisible magnetic join didn’t work as I wanted it to, so I was torn between adding a regular clasp for the bracelet or turning it into a necklace. After trying several ideas I finally decided to thread it onto some gorgeous handpainted silk ribbon which matches the colours of the beads beautifully. Not only can I wear it as a necklace, but with a little help tying the ribbon I can also wear it as a bracelet :)



This was just a little break from my main project, Litha, which as you can see is coming along really well! I only have a few small areas to work now…



And I LOVE this close-up shot so I’m going to include it as well…


Latest Work and Another Litha Update

I’ve been getting on well with my Litha project! As you can see I’ve done quite a lot and I’m really pleased with it at this point. I decided to use the beautiful ‘sun’ bead and it’s blending in brilliantly. I’ve actually done a bit more since I took the photo, in the bottom left corner. There’s still a lot to do but I’m enjoying it so I feel confident that she’ll be finished by the Summer Solstice. My goal is to make a Goddess doll, or something bead embroidered, for all eight sabbats.

LithaThe bead mix
First update

I took a break from Litha for a while to make a couple of challenge pieces for the OTTBS blog and group. The group challenge was  a Flash challenge which means you only have a few days to make something. I was inspired to make one of my little eye pendants in the colours of the photo. I made up a little bead mix using some of the colours I’m using for Litha and added some lilac and a tiny bit of blue…


Then it was onto the blog challenge. For June I’ve chosen Earth Tones as it’s not one that we’ve had before. Talk about a challenge! I love these earthy colours though and personally it was a doddle to put together my favourites browns & greys and I finally cracked open the gorgeous tube of green beads that I’d been saving, a gift from my lovely friend Carol. I learned a new stitch too – Hubble Stitch – which has been developed by Melanie De Miguel. I’d highly recommend her book Let’s Hubble if you want to learn this interesting new beadweaving stitch. I love it and can’t wait to delve more into the book and try some of the other patterns.


A Quick Update on Litha

I thought it would be nice to show this piece as a work in progress so I’ll be taking photos as I work and posting updates so you can see how I’m getting along. Here’s the bead mix I’m using in case you missed the post. So far I’ve encased the face cabochon in size 11 seed beads using peyote stitch and started building up the beadwork around it. As you can see I’m using a rather random way of working to achieve the effect I want. It makes a nice change to work in this way as most beadwork stitches – as well as regular flat bead embroidery stitches – are quite regimented, although I do need to think more about which beads I pick up and their placement. I’m hoping to get this finished in time for the Summer Solstice so there will be more updates soon!

Litha Bead Embroidery

Summer Solstice Bead Mix

As I said in my last post, it’s been ages since I did any beading. But today I made a bead mix. I haven’t actually done any beading yet but I’m getting there! And making the bead mix is the first step. I cheated a little, using my Transition mix from some time ago and adding co-ordinating beads in other sizes, a few glass pearls and flowers and as many sparkling crystals as I could manage. This is going to be a Goddess art doll for Litha, so I wanted a lovely warm palette of reds, oranges and yellows, shades of bronze and a splash of green. I’m not sure if I will use the large bead in the photo. Although I like it’s sun-like shape, I’m a bit concerned that it will dominate the piece rather than blend with the beads. Updates soon!


Free Stargazer Bracelet Tutorial

I was hoping to get a few more creative posts in before the next freebie but my mojo has been missing this past month. It has skedaddled off to wherever it is that our beady mojos go and so I have nothing to show! So what the hell, here’s another freebie for you anyway.

Stargazer is a pretty bracelet made from very simple beaded stars. Hex beads work really well with this project due to their unique shape but it works just as well with size 8 seed beads. Click here to download the PDF and then save it to your computer using the controls that pop up on the bottom right of the screen.


Copyright info: This is a free tutorial and must not be sold, made into kits or published in any shape or form. You may sell any finished beadwork that you create using this tutorial. You may teach this design to others but do not remove my details and copyright information. Please give me credit as the designer.

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